Door County Contra Dance Weekend / Door County Folk Festival
Family Barn Dance

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A BarnDance is any kind of dance involving traditional or folk music with traditional dancing, occasionally held in a barn, but, these days, much more likely to be in any suitable building. The term “barn dance” is usually associated with family-oriented or community-oriented events, usually for people who do not normally dance. The caller will, therefore, generally use easy dances so that everyone can join in. A barn dance can be a Ceilidh, with traditional Irish or Scottish dancing, and people unfamiliar with either format often confuse the two terms. However, a barn dance can also feature square dancing, Contra dancing, English Country Dance, dancing to Country and Western music, or any other kind of dancing, often with a live band and a Caller. Modern Western square dance is often confused with barn dancing in Britain. Barn dances, as social dances, were popular in Ireland until the 1950s, and were typically danced to tunes with 4/4 rhythms.

This Family Barn Dance is brought to you by the Door County Folk Alliance, that presents a series of monthly barn dances throughout Door County. Most events are held in or near Sturgeon Bay, with the remainder scattered throughout the County. All dances have live music, normally provided by the Alliance band, "Sugar on the Floor". The Alliance band plays at the barn dances, and also gives occasional concerts for individuals and/or organizations.

Family Barn Dance

  • Calling by Mike Grimm and Pamela Johnson
  • Music by Sugar on the Floor Band