Door County Folk Festival
Traditional Door County Fish Boil Dinner

(Saturday Seatings at 6:00pm & 6:30pm) - Baileys Harbor Park


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(Click Photo to View More Fish Boil Scenes)

Fish Boil Dinner (Saturday Only - in Baileys Harbor Park) (back to top)
A visit to Door County isn't complete without experiencing a traditional fish boil dinner - even if only to watch. Dinner features freshly caught Lake Michigan Whitefish, boiled to perfection with new potatoes, sweet onions and spices and served with or without melted Wisconsin butter.

Fish Boil Background: While fish boils are thought to have originated with Scandinavian settlers and lumberjacks who discovered a tasty way to enjoy the fruits of Lake Michigan, there is also a tradition of fish boil dinners in Scotland using salmon. Fish boils feature both great food and great showmanship. The ingredients are boiled in a kettle with about 30 gallons of water over an open fire. After cooking a while, spices are added and as the fish oils rise to the surface of the boiling cauldron, the cooking crew tosses a small can of kerosene on the fire. A great burst of flame shoots up and the intense heat causes the pot to boil over, spilling the unappetizing fish oils over the side, extinguishing the fire and leaving the ingredients perfectly done, steaming hot and ready to serve.

The fish, potatoes and onions are served with coleslaw and topped off with Door County Cherry pie for dessert. Coffee, iced tea, lemonade are included. BYO Beer & Wine.

There will be two seatings at 6:00pm & 6:30pm for this fixed-price meal - $23.00, Kids Under 13: $15 - tax & tip included.

  • As of 04/15/2019:
    • 6:00pm Seating - 40 openings
    • 6:30pm Seating - 40 openings

Reservations required. Now you can register for the Fish Boil without having to register for the rest of the Festival (see below).

Limit 40 people per seating.
Please select your preferred seating time when you register.

Following dinner, there will be live music, singing and dancing in Baileys Harbor Park before the Party.


  • Melissa Boutell
  • Daryl Larson
  • Grace Bernhard
  • Gerhard Bernhard
  • DCFF Work Scholar Team
  • Others TBD

For further Fish Boil information contact Melissa Boutell:

  • Phone: 616-644-4261
  • Email:
  • Visit:

Music, Singing & Dancing in the Park (Saturday Evening approx 7:30pm) (back to top)
Musicians bring your instruments, singers bring your voices, dancers bring your dancing shoes to Baileys Harbor Park during and after the Fish Boil Dinner - Sat between 7pm or so and sunsset.  Come and join in the on the fun.