Door County Folk Festival
Israeli Dance Workshops and Request Sessions
(Friday & Saturday
, 3:30pm) - Baileys Harbor Town Hall
The material presented at these sessions will be repeated at Sunday's Review sessions)

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Israeli Dance continues to be one of the most vibrant, living, breathing recreational dance forms out there. 200-300 new dances are offered to the world-wide repertoire each year by numerous talented creators of Israeli dance. The music represents what has been/is going on in Israeli culture which itself is greatly influenced by the multitude of ethnicities that populate Israel.

At their weekly 43 years young session in Chicago, Penny and Phil blend the old and the new, and these many styles and influences.

Come enjoy this workshop presented by these excellent spirited teachers and enjoy the fun that is Israeli dance.

Workshop Theme - TBA
Penny and Phil will present dances which have endured over time in their group and around the Israeli Dance world. These are the dances that are most likely candidates to bring home to your local session to add to your Israeli repertoire.

A 1-hour Israeli dance request session will follow each workshop.