Door County Folk Festival
Middle Eastern-Bhangra-Folkloric Dance Session
(Saturday, 12:15pm) - Baileys Harbor Town Hall

Cecelia Wilkinson
Saturday Lunchtime Dance Session

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Middle Eastern Dance has been around a very, very long time, older than the pyramids. Since having stood the test of time, Middle Eastern Dance comes to us today from many countries, i.e. Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, India, etc. and many time portals through history. As a creative and artistic outlet, we will use Belly Dance techniques, which has been shown to strength build, develop grace, flexibility, suppleness, endurance, balance, and developing better control of one’s core, and while still managing to have lots of fun, in the process. It can be a group experience and, at the same time an intensely personal exploration of self.. Because of so many benefits, this art form can be enjoyed by both men and women.. These dance moves can enhance your night club dancing, dancing at parties, wedding, picnics, and even while doing dishes giving you more that you can do instead of wiggling or bouncing up and down to the music.

Folkloric Dance (ethnic or village style) is included because it is the predecessor of all Middle Eastern and Eastern dance forms. It is hoped that one feels a sense of family and communal oneness or that one is connected to a greater good or purpose. Through these simple dances, we belong, we are connected, we communicate, and we become a community. The dance we will teach is “Tsnka Par”, an Armenian Village Style Dance Source: Liudvig Poghosian.

Cecelia Wilkinson



Cecelia will present an overview of each dance type:

  • Belly dance techniques (30 min)
  • Folkloric dance techniques (30 min)