Door County Folk Festival Weekend
Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin
Weekend Pass Benefits

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Does it make sense for Fred Bear to invest in a Weekend Pass?
(instead of paying for individual sessions)
Scroll down to find out...

Fred Bear has attended the Festival for over 35 years!

Fred Bear (Chicago, IL) has been attending the Door County Folk Festival for over 35 years!

Fred has figured out that the most flexible and economical way to attend Door County Folk Festival events is to purchase a weekend pass in advance!

Actually, Fred's purchase of a 5-Day lodging package included a weekend pass!



  • Fred has figured out that a discounted pass averages out to reduced prices for all sessions
    • Fred purchased his 5-Day weekend pass in advance at a 19% discount from what he would pay if he purchased individual admissions at all events
    • Moreover, Fred took advantage of the Early Bird discount and purchased his weekend pass before June 10th
      • With the Early Bird discount, Fred was able to deduct an additional $10 from his registration fee
Wait in Line!


  • Fred knows he won't have to wait in line at each event to buy individual tickets
    • Fred just flashes his weekend pass at the event's registration desk and he's admitted
Make One Payment!


  • No need for Fred to make multiple payments
    • Fred could purchase a weekend pass in advance
      • Valid for 5-Days, 4-Days or 3-Days
    • Fred could purchase a pro-rated weekend pass at the door
      • Valid from when he arrives through the last workshop on Sunday
    • Fred could purchase a lodging package in advance - a package that includes a weekend pass
      • Valid from the day of his arrival through the evening of his departure
Stress Free Zone!


  • Purchasing a pre-paid pass allows Fred to move freely among sessions without overthinking things such as:
    • Is It worth it if he arrives a bit late to the other session?
    • You bet it it's worth it!
Sleepy Bear & Sleepy Rat


  • Fred knows that with the 5-day pass, he can miss up to four (4) events and still be ahead financially!
    • But why would he want to miss any Folk Festival event?