39th Annual Door County Folk Festival
Wednesday-Sunday, July 11-15, 2018

Baileys Harbor, Ephraim & Sister Bay, Wisconsin
Back - Tel: (847)-846-8139, (773)-634-9381 -

Directions - Getting to Door County

Map & Weather Info Below

Please drive safely and wear your seat belt!

Folk Festival Registration:

  • Folk Festival Registration opens at 6:00pm, Wednesday July 11, 2018 at Baileys Harbor Town Hall on Hwy 57. 
  • If you arrive before registration opens, please be prepared to wait a bit and/or volunteer to help. 
  • Register at Baileys Harbor Town Hall (all day)

Refer to directions, maps, etc. to locate your lodgings.  Campers note that Beantown Campground is 1.1 mi N of Baileys Harbor on Hwy F. 

Please comply with the check-in and check-out times at your place of lodging.

NOTE: If you are a guest at the Sister Bay Inn (formerly Voyager Inn), we are welcome to coffee and/or tea, but we are NOT signed up for the full Continental Breakfast.

NOTE: Illinois State Troopers have deployed specially equipped vans that can take photographs of drivers speeding in IDOT and Tollway construction and maintenance zones. Tickets will be issued by mail to vehicle owners. First-time work zone speeders, including those caught on camera, will be fined $375, with $125 of that sum going to pay off-duty State Troopers to provide added enforcement in construction or maintenance zones. Two-time offenders are subject to a $1,000 fine, including a $250 surcharge to hire Troopers, and the loss of their license for 90 days.

Chicago Area & Northern Illinois Construction:

  • Northern Illinois: Usually heavy traffic on I-94 but no major contruction
  • Downtown Chicago: I90-I94 (Kennedy Expy, Dan Ryan Expy, Byrne Interchange)
    • Construction at Jane Byrne Traffic Interchange
    • Periodic lane reductions & lane closures for roadway improvement
  • Slow down and use extreme caution when driving through work zone. Obey posted speed limit and signing. Watch for workers or flaggers and do not use cell phone or text.

To be sure, consult: http://www.gettingaroundillinois.com

Driving Information in Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor: http://www.travelmidwest.com

SouthEast Wisconsin Area Construction:

  • Racine County: I-94
    • Construction completed

  • Milwaukee County: I-94-I-894 Interchange
    • Under Construction

To be sure consult: http://www.plan94.org
SouthEast Wisconsin construction projects: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/projects/se.htm
NorthEast Wisconsin construction projects: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/projects/ne.htm

Green Bay to Door County Area Construction:

  • HWY 57/42 is now 4-lanes with limited stops all the way from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay.
  • If Steel Bridge traffic is congested, you can also cross the River using the Oregon St Bridge.

Here are some suggested routes to Door County - Let us know if you find better ones:

I.   From Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison (Indiana, Ohio):

I-94 West to I-43 North in Milwaukee, then: 

a) Quicker route: I-43 North to Green Bay then Hwy 57 exit for Sturgeon Bay; Proceed north on 57 to Sturgeon Bay;
b) More Scenic route: I-43 North to Hwy 42 exit for Manitowoc.  Proceed north on 42 to  Sturgeon Bay; (Beware of speed trap between Kewaunee and Sturgeon Bay);

c) From Sturgeon Bay: Either 57 or 42 to Sister Bay.  Hwy 57 is quicker than Hwy 42. There may be a DETOUR from the 57/42 Bridge to the Steel Bridge to cross the River.

II. From Madison (Alternate Route):

US-151 North (Beltway) to Fond Du Lac, US-41 North to Green Bay, Hwy 172 East (Loop) to I-43 North, proceed to I-a) or I-b) above.

III. From The Twin Cities, Minnesota & western Wisconsin:

I-94 East to Hwy 29 (before Eau Claire, WI).  East on 29 through Wausau to Green Bay; then as I-a) above.

IV. From Michigan's Upper Peninsula:

US-141, US-41 or Hwy 35 south to Green Bay; then as I-a) above.

V.   From Lower Michigan, Ontario and the East:

a) Monotonous Route: I-94 West or I-90 West to Chicago then as I above.  Use I-294 (tollway) as an alternate route to bypass Chicago expressway and construction traffic.

b) Lake Michigan Car Ferry Service: US-10 or I-96 west to US-31 to Ludington, Ferry to Manitowoc, then as I) above, departs Ludington for Manitowoc 9:00am, 8:30pm EDT, Manitowoc-Ludington 2:00pm, 1:00am CDT. 10% discount for 1:00am crossing, Info & reservations (800)-841-4243 (6am-10pm EDT), http://www.ssbadger.com, .

c) Lake Express Car Ferry Service: I-96 or US-31 to Rte 46 to downtown Muskegon, Great Lakes Marina, 1920 Lakeshore Drive, Ferry to Milwaukee. Then as I) above, departs Muskegon to Milwaukee 10:15am, 4:45pm, 11:00pm EDT; Milwaukee to Muskegon 6:00am, 12:30pm, 7:00pm CDT, Info & reservations (866)-914-1010, http://www.lake-express.com.

VI. From Northern Iowa:

US-20 East to Dubuque, US-151 North to Madison, then continue from Madison as I or II above. 

Please drive with caution!  We want you in one piece and the Wisconsin State Patrol tickets speeders!!

VII. Maps, Etc.

 VIII. Approximate Driving Times to Baileys Harbor:


Location Approx. Drive Time
Chicago, IL 4.5-5 hours
Urbana-Champaign, IL 8 hours
Milwaukee, WI 3.5 hours
Madison, WI 4 hours
Green Bay, WI 2.5 hours
Sturgeon Bay, WI 1+ hours
Appleton, WI 2.5-3 hours
Eau Claire, WI 5.5-6 hours
Twin Cities, MN 7-8 hours
Winona, MN/La Crosse, WI 6 hours
Marquette, MI (Upper Peninsula) 5-6 hours
Detroit, MI (Lower Peninsula) via I-80/90/94 10 hours
Detroit, MI (Lower Peninsula) via Car Ferry 10 hours
Indianapolis, IN 10 hours
South Bend, IN 7 hours
Bloomington, IN 12 hours
Dayton, OH 10 hours
St Louis, MO 10 hours
Iowa City, IA 8.5-9 hours
Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA 10 hours
Des Moines, IA 12 hours
Dubuque, IA 7-8 hours
Decorah, IA 6.0 hours
Buffalo, NY 15 hours
Wayne, NE 10-11 hours
Omaha, NE 11.5 hours
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 16 hours
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 14 hours