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Door County Folk Festival Children's Activities 2002
by Dick Miller - DCFF Children's Activities Coordinator - Middleton,  Wisconsin

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The 2002 Door County Folk Festival children's activities were again fun for both children and adults.  The Friday a.m. session was begun with the old favorite rock painting.  Approximately 15 children participated and most took their rocks back home for souvenirs!  A short time later the children worked on hand puppets which were constructed out of paper sacks with added on features such as teeth and hair.  The active children next played a name game using koosh balls and also a fun game of tree tag.
Finally the morning ended with big ball activities centered on the sport of soccer.  The p.m. activities included a fun time with the colorful parachute and children enjoyed playing popcorn, shark attack and cat and mouse.  Spectators nearby were entertained by the squeals of delight at this fun and unusual activity.  After the parachute, the children and leaders had a refreshment break of cider.  This was followed by a scavenger hunt in which the children were asked to find 15 items in nature thus increasing their observation powers.  All participants were awarded prizes and praise for their efforts.  About 25-30 children participated in the Friday activities.

The Saturday a.m session began with the making of sand candles on the Sister Bay beach.  A small area of the beach was sectioned off and the candle makers first prepared the sand area and then added rocks or driftwood and a wick before the hot wax was poured.  The results were quite excellent. Creative sand candles were made by the interested participants (aprox 15 candles were made.) Following this project; the children once again enjoyed playing games with the big ball and the interactions with the adult volunteers who played along.  Saturday's p.m. activity was a highlight for the leaders in that 2 of the children helped teach Tinikling dancing (a dance from the Philippines using bamboo poles- Thanks to Pattie Cohen for bringing them and encouraging the young leaders) This activity also brought in a few adults and teens who wanted to try the dancing or drumming with the poles. (6-10 children participated and also a few adults and teens)  After this activity, the big ball was once again brought out to finish the energetic session.  Although fewer children participated on Saturday, the leaders felt good about the sessions and also the introduction of the new activity of Tinikling.  Many "beach goers" stopped to watch and inquire about the festival.     

Dick Miller
DCFF Children's Activities Coordinator

Middleton,  Wisconsin