Door County Folk Festival
Melissa Boutell
Grand Rapids, MI)
(Fish Boil Coordinator, Dance Instructor)


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Melissa Boutell started folk dancing in 1996 during a college class. In January 1997 she joined the NMU international dance club. She began performing with their performance group in Feb. Through the Marquette & NMU dance scene she expanded her dance repertoire to include hula, ballroom, and belly dance. She continued to dance and perform with the NMUID until 2007 when she moved to Grand Rapids. She has introduced several new dances to the local folkdance group. Melissa is now expanding on her ballroom dancing. She helped form a ballroom troupe, HK Ballroom Productions, and will be assisting with a non-profit group for at risk youth, Step-Up Youth Productions, to teach them dance and production skills. This past October she was part of a ballroom team, SDS DanceSport, which took first place at a Chicago Competition. She is currently helping part- time at Social Dance Studio as music director, including running music for their Friday night party. She continues training with HK ballroom Productions, and for competition, social dance, & folk dancing. She has been attending DCFF every year since 1997.