Door County Folk Festival
George Davis
Chicago, IL)
(Planner, Party Coordinator, Dance Instructor)

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George Davis, editor of the short-lived journal, Folktravesties, has been dancing since the days of the Great Society in the bright lights of Chicago. Learning dances from all of the legends: Crum, Palfi, David, Hebert, Moreau, Koenig, Filcich, Page, Czompo, Wixman, Ozkok, Drury, Mr. J. and Greene, he has managed to be known to none of them. A veteran of numerous performances at street fairs, old people's homes, testimonial dinners (before the belly dancers), and benefits for various handicapped groups; he has danced for international, Turkish, Israeli, Romanian, Latvian and Hungarian folklore groups. Dance research has taken George to exotic locales such as Milan's Lounge, the Rafters, Vi & Coy's and Tulipanos Lada. George is also a co-founder of the Franz Josef Verein, a central European cultural appreciation group.