Door County Folk Festival
Rick King
Southfield, MI)
(Dancve Instructor, Party Coordinator)

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Rick King first danced at the Detroit Folkdance Club in 1973 for about 2 months but didn't dance regularly until 1978 at Alex Cushnier's group at Wayne State University. In 1979 joined the Detroit Folk Dance Club. In 1984, he took a hiatus from dancing and became active again in 1989, dancing 2-3 nights per week. In 1990, he began teaching folk dance classes in Huntington Woods and Southfield, MI and promoting folk dancing in the area, organizing dance workshops featuring local Chaldean and Lebanese ethnic groups. In 1995 he started a monthly dance group on Suns that later moved to alternate Sats in Ferndale. That year he also took a "folk dance" trip to Europe, Bulgaria and the Koprivshtitsa festival. In 1996, Rick became leader of what had formerly been the Wayne State group and moved it to the Ferndale location, dancing two Fris a month, while continuing the monthly Sat group. Eventually the two groups merged into Fris, meeting weekly. At the same time, Rick became the leader for the weekly Monday teaching nights. Rick's music collection goes beyond the basic folk dance "repertoire" recordings and contains more current versions, especially from the Balkans and the Middle East. His loves doing simpler dances to alternative music that has an "ethnic" feel. Rick is also an avid bird watcher.