Door County Folk Festival
Linda Nicoli
(Grafton, WI)
(Work Scholar Team Leader)

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Linda Nicoli is a second generation folk dancer. She started performing with her parents in the Czechoslovak group at the St. Paul Festival of Nations at age 5. She was a charter member of the St. Paul Czech and Slovak Folk Dancers, joined by husband Rich when they were dating as a condition of continuing their relationship. The group celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012 with a memorable trip to the Czech Republic. After moving to Florida in 2004 Linda and Rich soon found a group to perform with, the Babiak Folk Ensemble, and added German, Italian, Irish and other Slavic dances to their personal repertoire. International folk dancing has been their introduction to great folks wherever they go, especially Minnesota, Maryland and Wisconsin where they travel to enjoy 7 of their grandchildren, and in Melbourne and Orlando, Florida where they live 8 months of the year near the other 2 grandkids. Linda is a retired physical therapist/aerobics and Pilates instructor. Her leisure pursuits include sewing, theater, guitar, biking, tennis and teaching people about giraffes on the Africa platform at Brevard Zoo in Florida.