Door County Folk Festival
Marsha Swenson
Madison, WI)
(Work Scholar Coordinator)

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Marsha Swenson's dance debut was shortly before her 2nd birthday. She would watch her sister’s ballet class and could not hold still. At the end of one such session, the pianist accompanied her as she danced; she was allowed to begin lessons a year earlier than the usual age 3. She started folk dancing around age 10 in Madison, WI. Moved to Chicago and continued dancing at U of C, then the Argonne group. Her varied careers include work with disturbed youth, portrait photography, recreation specialist (including clowning), desktop publishing, and then ordained ministry. In late 2010 she returned to her home town (Madison) and resumed folk dancing, challenged by the many new dances, as well as bringing back some of the great oldies. Dancing seems to run in her veins.