Door County Folk Festival
Leigh Holden
Wheat Ridge, CO (Denver Area)
(Planner, Dance Instructor/Leader, Spotlighter, Virtual Dance Room Team)

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Leigh Holden has been dancing since he could stand on his parents' toes. However, he did not start folk dancing until the late 90s, when he naively accepted an invitation to attend a weekly folk dance session a friend ran at the University of Alabama. It all went downhill from there.

Leigh recently moved back to the Denver area after living for a few years in Chicago, where he fell in with the ruffians he collectively refers to as "Those Chicagoland Dancers" and the outright hooligans from Milwaukee.

When not under stay-at-home orders, he dances with the much more sedate Boulder International Folk Dancers and Denver International Folk Dancers, when his schedule allows. Leigh enjoys teaching folk dances where and when he can, is known to practice U Sest in the grocery store, and is a member of the Boulder-based performing group Hora Românească.